Your Child's New Screen Time Mentor

Ava empowers parents to passively protect and strengthen their child’s minds by enriching screen time.

Introducing "Ava - Kids Screen Time Mentor"

Turn your child's screen time into learning time - for FREE

Everything can be a learning opportunity...

Ava gets kids to spend their screen time on educational activities by turning their screen time into a game. First, Ava helps parents select and monitor the apps and content that their kids use. Then, Ava uses a unique, rewards system to make sure children spend most of their time on those apps. 

It’s like a having a mentor for your kids, right on their device.

Restrictions without resentment

Parental control is important, but children resist restrictions. That’s why Ava directs your child's focus on rewarding activities and helps them learn to manage screen time on their own. 

But as a parent, Ava will give you all the control and monitoring tools that you need and expect. You can set time limits. Block out sleep time and get-ready-for-school time. Monitor what your child has been doing on the device. Prevent internet access.

Never Costs More Than You Can Afford

Apps with similar features require a monthly or yearly fee. But Ava only asks families to contribute what they can, because we think managing how children spend their screen time is important and we want parental controls to be available to every parent, everywhere.

About Us

Ava was created with the assistance of education experts and game design specialists who believe screen time can be a learning opportunity. With Ava, parents enjoy peace of mind, knowing their child’s device time is safe and educational. We plan to keep Ava free forever because we want parental controls to be available to every parent, everywhere.

Peace of Mind for Parents